We offer a complete Head-end assembly in modular form & IP-TV. The system includes single channel amplifier, Satellite signals processing with adjacent channel capability, audio/video modulators and frequency converters. All of these components may be combined in a number of ways allowing fitting a system to deliver the best possible signal quality to the distribution system.

Brand: Televes

After more than half a century, Televes is a synonymous for Passion for Quality. Televes is a worldwide registered mark since 1958.  It has become one of the Leading Brands of Spain because of its impeccable track record and international career. From antennas to professional analyzers and portable meters. From vanguard head-ends, robust amplifiers to complete distribution and switching components.  From solutions for unifying multimedia services in the home to cables...

Awards & Certifications
Inter Future received the Awards, as “Best Business in IT and Communication Mohammed Bin Rashid Est. for Young Business Leader” & Winner of Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for Best Business in IT and Communication in 2008.
  • Dubai Police Registration
  • The Winner of Mohamed Bin Rashed EST
  • ISO Certification
  • TRA - Certificate
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